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Le Grand Brûlé, La Réunion

Le Grand Brûlé is with its 1,5 kilometres the biggest lava field on the island. Even if it seems that everything is already solidified, it isn’t. In already some metres depth the lava is still flowing. You can easily get a feeling about the hot lava below, if you visit the field during rain. Then the fields starts to steam, which gives the field a mysterious look. Continue reading Le Grand Brûlé, La Réunion

The Pirate’s Harbor: Cap Méchant, La Reunion

In the past the South coast of La Réunion was notorious for its rough currents, riffs and rough cliffs. Fishers and sailors feared that region, not at least because of the pirates who used the impregnable Cap Méchant as their harbor.

Today you can enjoy a wonderful view along the lava cliffs and see the impressive power of the Sea.