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Lifebook 2017

Last year I made myself a christmas present: Lifebook2017 organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts. This is a mixed media art class with new lessons every week for 1 year. I was so excited and I still am. The community is so nice and supportive. I really love the lessons presented by different teachers. They already helped me to improve my works. Here is one of my first pictures. And I really like how it turned out. The lesson for this work was held by Tamara Laporte itself. The instructions were so helpful, inspiring and motivating. I can’t wait to draw more.

‘Mental cinema’ (‘Kopfkino’)

During the last months I worked on a new creative project. Now I’m finished and I’m happy to show you the result.

Drawing: Mental Cinema
‘Mental Cinema’ – detail: tentacle

Title:   Mental Cinema (Kopfkino)
Type:   Photo & Pencil mix


I had the idea to this picture some months ago. I had an important meeting. The days before I was thinking of what Continue reading ‘Mental cinema’ (‘Kopfkino’)