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Grimataur – Challenge accepted

The time has come. I created an artwork for an art challenge. This is my first time and it was really a hard challenge for me.
The task of the challenge was to draw a monster called Grimataur. It must have the following characteristics:

  • Large (2.5 Meters Tall)
  • Black in Color
  • Scales for Skin
  • Humanoid Bipedal
  • Hulking Muscular Build
  • Tail and Horns
  • Lives in Human Areas (towns, graveyards etc)
  • Devours Souls

And this is a really hard challenge for me, as I’m always struggling with monsters. When I draw monsters they somehow always turn out kind of cute instead of scary. And then a black monster? How should I manange shading and and lighting? But okay, what would be a challenge without any challenges to met. So challenge accepted!

I made a lot of sketches to get Continue reading Grimataur – Challenge accepted