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Cooling down

Finally, I managed to take part in another challenge of the month by ‘Draw with Jazza’. The art challenge is still running and has the topic ‘Wandering Season’. This time the art work must be a traditional one. So I took my acrylics and created this painting.

Cooling down


Title:   Cooling Down
Type:   Acrylics on Canvas
Size:    30x30cm

The painting shows Summer in the deep cold winter. After the hot summer she needed Continue reading Cooling down

Grimataur – Challenge accepted

The time has come. I created an artwork for an art challenge. This is my first time and it was really a hard challenge for me.
The task of the challenge was to draw a monster called Grimataur. It must have the following characteristics:

  • Large (2.5 Meters Tall)
  • Black in Color
  • Scales for Skin
  • Humanoid Bipedal
  • Hulking Muscular Build
  • Tail and Horns
  • Lives in Human Areas (towns, graveyards etc)
  • Devours Souls

And this is a really hard challenge for me, as I’m always struggling with monsters. When I draw monsters they somehow always turn out kind of cute instead of scary. And then a black monster? How should I manange shading and and lighting? But okay, what would be a challenge without any challenges to met. So challenge accepted!

I made a lot of sketches to get Continue reading Grimataur – Challenge accepted