grimataur - detail face (title)

Grimataur – Challenge accepted

The time has come. I created an artwork for an art challenge. This is my first time and it was really a hard challenge for me.
The task of the challenge was to draw a monster called Grimataur. It must have the following characteristics:

  • Large (2.5 Meters Tall)
  • Black in Color
  • Scales for Skin
  • Humanoid Bipedal
  • Hulking Muscular Build
  • Tail and Horns
  • Lives in Human Areas (towns, graveyards etc)
  • Devours Souls

And this is a really hard challenge for me, as I’m always struggling with monsters. When I draw monsters they somehow always turn out kind of cute instead of scary. And then a black monster? How should I manange shading and and lighting? But okay, what would be a challenge without any challenges to met. So challenge accepted!

I made a lot of sketches to get

the monster I was looking for. Especially the head needed some exercises to get a somehow bad and not cute looking face.

I also made some coloring examples to find out, what I like in certain areas. This wasn’t that easy, because as you know this was the 2nd picture I made with markers and I didn’t wanted to screw the picture up. And here another challenge arose. The colors I have are just not meant to create a dark, horrific environment. In my opinion, except for black one, they are all either too bright are saturated.

But I kept on going and there we are, my Grimataur has been born.

The Grimataur – Did you ever wondered, how the zombie apocalypse started? Here is the one and only truth. It was the Grimataur, attracting humans with her wonderful peacock tail. Then she devours their souls, leaving nothing, but their instincts.
Do you want to know, what’s underneath her tail? Then go, do it!

Of course there are things which could be improved, but for my first black monster drawn with a not optimal collection of markers, I’m quite happy.

What do you think? What would you improve or leave as is?

grimataur - detail tail
grimataur – detail tail
grimataur - detail face
grimataur – detail face

Finally here is the announcement of the challenge, in case you are interested:

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