Cooling down

Finally, I managed to take part in another challenge of the month by ‘Draw with Jazza’. The art challenge is still running and has the topic ‘Wandering Season’. This time the art work must be a traditional one. So I took my acrylics and created this painting.

Cooling down


Title:   Cooling Down
Type:   Acrylics on Canvas
Size:    30x30cm

The painting shows Summer in the deep cold winter. After the hot summer she needed a cooling down in an ice bath and she really enjoys it.

In this painting I exclusively used acrylics apart from a simple pencil to do a rough preparatory drawing on the canvas. These are the materials I used for the background and for Summer.

Cooling down | Materials used for Summer
Materials used for Summer
Cooling down | Materials used for the background
Materials used for the background

Additionally I used a cloth to add the steam to the painting.

In the following gallery you can see how the painting emerged. [click on the pictures to enlarge them]

The main challenge I faced with this painting was, how to draw the water in all its different states of aggregation: solid (ice), fluid (water) and gaseous (steam). Especially with the last two I had to fight – more with myself than with drawing them. Already having a painting with which I was completely happy, I was frighten about ruining my painting, if I do not manage to paint the water on Summer’s body and especially the steam properly. So I did some exercises on paper. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. So this wasn’t quite helpful. Anyways, finally I overcame my fear and what shall I say. I was rewarded. Everything went properly. I really love, how the painting turned out. I’m so proud.

Here are some close-ups:

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