October Planner - Flap

DIY: Planner Update

I made my first own planner 6 months ago. So I thought it is time for sharing another planner insert for my Midori with you.  This time I drew the cover and the back as well as the new flap by hand.

October PlannerOctober Planner - Back

Over the months I also changed a few things, so that it works better for me.

The planner now has a flap, which I use like a bookmark for today’s page. On one side I put my monthly motivational quote. This time it is

October Planner - Flap


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”

by Arthur Ashe.



On the other side of the flap there is a thin note pad attached. The note pad (one sheet per week) consists of three sections:

  • this week. In this part I put all my todos of the week, which do not have a specific execution date
  • next week. I do my planning once a week. So whenever I get a new appointment or task for one of the next weeks, I put them into this section. When I plan my next week, I transfer the data from this section to the specific day
  • next month. I have one insert per month. So I use this section to write down appointments and tasks for the next month.
October Planner - Weekly Sheet
Weekly Sheet

On the front cover I drew some cute Kawaii characters along with the ‘October’ lettering. This drawing is inspired by an artist, who provides short doodle videos on YouTube. Here is the  link to the YouTube channel of the artist: Pic Candle.

October Planner - Front
Front Cover
October Planner - Back
Back Cover
October planner - monthly quote
monthly quote

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