Chocolate Cake

Last weekend I wanted to bake a birthday cake. So I searched the web for some tasty cake recipes. I found these ones and mixed them up:

This is the result:

Chocolate Cake with White and Dark Chocolate

Chocolate CakeI made the baked pastry case as described on the ‘Chocolate Banana Baileys Cake’ page, but I used a 24 cm springform and cut it just into two slices instead of three.

As filling I chose a creamy dark chocolate ganache made out of 500 g cream and 500 g dark chocolate.

I layered them within the springform: first one slice of the baked pastry case, then the cooled down ganache (room temperature) and then the second baked pastry case. Then I put this into the fridge.

Finally the cake was covered by a white chocolate ganache out of 200 g cream and 600 g white chocolate.

Chocolate CakeChocolate Cake


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